Frequently Asked Questions

How is Open360™ different from traditional 360 reviews?

Open360™ is a person-first alternative to 360 reviews. Our mission is to evolve 360 feedback from a single-sided, anonymous event to an ongoing transformative process that strengthens communication, performance and working relationships.

Through the Open360™ web application, both verbal and written feedback is shared. Because feedback isn’t anonymous and is designed to be continuous, follow-up conversations allow for additional information and to track progress. Transparency, consent and collaboration are foundational to the Open360™ process. We equip both customers and those they engage in the feedback process with training and tools to help set the stage for positive, productive conversations. The entire process provides dividends, not only in feedback data, but in development of communication skills, self-management, relationship management and ultimately improved performance and partnerships.

What do I get with my purchase of an annual subscription?

With your annual subscription, feedback conversations can happen anytime, multiple times throughout the year. Customers can plan the timing of their conversations to align with their work or their internal threshold and specifically choose areas in which they want to receive  feedback.

Annual subscriptions include:

  • Individual membership for each person with unlimited access for 365 days.
  • Educational tools and videos to support great feedback conversations.
  • Special access to tools and videos for people sharing feedback.
  • Dynamic reporting to track progress and improvement.
  • Ability to set goals and accept challenges to stay focused on development.
  • Information and guidance about how to manage difficult conversations.
  • Optional access to professional coaches.
  • Implementation and technical support.

Will my subscription auto-renew?

Yes, auto-renew is a convenient way to make sure you don’t miss out on any of your Open360™ benefits. We will stay connected with you throughout the year and send reminders prior to the end of your subscription. You can change your auto-renew setting at any time. We believe that transparency, consent and collaboration are essential qualities for healthy, respectful relationships and we want that kind of relationship with you! We never want you to feel ‘stuck’ with our subscription. Once you begin using our product, we’re confident that you’ll find value in continuing to allow us to support you in your personal and professional growth.

Can I purchase Open360™ for my team?

Yes, you can purchase Open360™ for you and your team! As the team leader, you’ll be able to select capabilities that you think are important for your group and set challenges for your team. Sign up to be one of the first to have access when we launch.

Who will have access to my 360 results?

Each person owns their data in Open360™. Individuals may opt to keep their data private or share it with anyone at anytime. Organizations can view aggregate data for 10 or more employees (e.g. which capabilities are most rated for their company, average ratings, utilization rates, etc.) but will not have access to any individual data. This is important because individual data ownership empowers employees to be strategic and bold about who they’re asking for feedback or which capabilities they’d like feedback on. Rather than being concerned about getting ‘good’ feedback, who will see it or how it will be used externally, employees can focus on seeking high-value data and feedback partners that will maximize their development and growth.

What if I don’t feel comfortable having a conversation to share or receive feedback?

We expect that this will be the case for everyone at some point. It’s normal! Our process makes these conversations feel less overwhelming and more productive.

With Open360™ we support not only you, but those around you, to:

  • prepare for conversations
  • set healthy boundaries
  • ask for what you want
  • listen
  • handle emotions
  • disengage with conversations that feel unsafe
  • and re-engage in a productive way

We’ll be there with you along the way as you navigate through these conversations, becoming more relaxed and competent as you move from “Feedback? NO!” to a feedback pro!

Can I get help implementing Open360™ in my organization?

Absolutely! We strive to give you exactly what you need to introduce Open360™ into your organization in a way that sets you up for success. We’ll help you set up your account and use administrative features to create challenges, view aggregate high-level data and discover trends, strengths and opportunities for your organization. We offer scalable services for any size or type of organization. Schedule a free consultation and let us support you. You know your organization, we know feedback systems – let us support you as you evolve your organization’s capability and culture one conversation at a time.

I want to grow as an individual but my organization isn't on board. Can I still use the product?

Yes! We first designed Open360™ with individuals in mind. Our goal is to empower you to be the best version of yourself through healthy, productive conversations at work.

As an individual user of our product, you can:

Cultivate happier, healthier relationships - at work and at home.

  • Experience the freedom – to be more empowered by a process that you control.
  • Feel seen and appreciated for what you do well.
  • Feel courageous as you practice being your authentic, vulnerable self.
  • Feel supported as you work in partnership with Open360™ and people like you.
  • Empower others to grow as they participate in this process with you.
  • Feel proud of your growth and accomplishments, both personally and professionally.

What types of employees or organizations does Open360™ work best for?

Open360™ is flexible and scalable. It can be used by either a single individual, an entire organization or anywhere in between in physical, virtual and hybrid work environments. While we think our product is a valuable offering for all employees and organizations, we’re an ideal choice for those who want to create a culture of openness, respect, authenticity, intrinsic growth and achievement.

Have a question you don’t see here? Contact us, either by email or by scheduling time for a free consult. We’d love to connect and answer your specific questions!