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Corporate Codependance

Corporate Codependence can keep you stuck in a cycle of working hard to solve problems but never really getting results. The good news is that with a few thoughtful and high-impact changes, you can break the cycle and create immediate positive outcomes.

How To Maximize Learning And Growth From Feedback

Self-coaching questions to help you take your feedback and performance to the next level.

Every Conversation Starts With You

You're talking with a friend, partner, or coworker, and something they say strikes you the wrong way. In an instant, you're triggered and react by fighting, freezing, or leaving. Here are some tips that can help you center and manage this situation differently in the future.

How To Request Feedback

Here are some ways to prepare to improve your chances of having a great conversation!

Podcast: Empowering Employee Growth Through Direct Feedback

Watch this 30-minute Twinning Strategy replay, where we have some great dialogue about implementing effective feedback systems, building trust, and embracing feedback as a tool for growth.