Did you know?

When employers give their workforce time and resources to grow as human beings, those employees are 2x as likely to stay at the organization.

Did you know?

Employees whose organizations help them make human-to-human connection are 5x more likely to be on a high-performing team.

Did you know?

When organizations strive to be more human, they can overcome the fragmentation that they have been experiencing and are 4x more likely to exceed revenue and profit goals.


Improve the employee experience with Open360

Boost human intelligence and set the tone for open communication across your organization to create a culture your employees love.
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Organization can view general employee feedback activity and receive feedback from employees and leaders

Establish how you want your organization to grow

Share expectations and prepare leaders to help set the tone for open communication in your organization.

Curate training and content that you think will best develop your employees and support your culture.

Illuminate important information about your organization

Access high-level data about the strengths and needs of employees and leaders in your organization.

Review direct feedback from employees and cultivate trust and open communication through thoughtful and targeted responses.

Receive direct feedback from employees

Review written feedback from employees and choose how and when to follow-up.

Cultivate trust and open communication through thoughtful and targeted response.

Empower employees to upgrade your organization

Use organizational information to customize development opportunities and strategically shape your culture.

Enable leaders and employees to partner for development and reach their full potential.

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