Did you know?

Well-informed employees outperformed their peers by 77%

Did you know?

86% of employees and executives cite the lack of effective collaboration and communication as the main causes of workplace failures.

Fierce, Inc.
Did you know?

Leaders who receive upward feedback are more likely to make effective decisions and solve problems efficiently.

Academy of Management Journal

Give and receive feedback with agency.

You choose when to get feedback, who you want it from and what you want feedback about. All data is your own to support your goals and development – share if you choose.
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Manage Up

Develop your leaders by sharing your perspective along with ideas for improving future work.

Give direct feedback to your organization.

Get feedback from others

Request the feedback you want from the people you think can help you most.

Consent and create boundaries for healthy communication.

Set goals and track progress

Get feedback on goals you set with your organization or create your own.

Personalized dashboards and shareable reporting.

Learn to have more positive, productive conversations

Level-up your conversations with psychology-based training and tools.

Partner with others for mutual benefit and improvement.

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